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Exhibit at The Hub

At The Zine-Makers Community Hub we will be hosting monthly exhibitions of different featured artists. Check out the gallery below for images from our past exhibitions.

Get in touch with us at if you would like to exhibit your work with us.

We are keen to celebrate artists in all of their diversity and are open to a variety of themes. As we are in a shopping centre space, we ask that you keep your pieces "safe for work" ie. the odd nipple is fine, but we might get in trouble with full-frontal genitals! We welcome paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, collage, and any other medium you are keen to exhibit.


We have a few restrictions within the space in regards to hanging - we are not allowed to use blu tack or drill/put pins in the wall. There are som pre-existing holes which we use to hang clear wire from, and exhibits can be stuck to the walls with tape, command strips, etc. We will help you with exhibition installation, and this information is just something for you to keep in mind when considering what works you would like to exhibit with us! We are keen to see works for on the walls, as well as free-standing sculptural or installation pieces.

We are unable to sell work directly from our space, but we can display links/QR codes that take visitors to your shop or website, and if you would like to leave business cards or flyers with us, we are more than happy to pass them out.

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