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Zine Commissions

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Coin-Operated Press is open for commissions! Get in touch with us at now to discuss your zine desires with us! We can design anything from digital photo memory zines, to illustrated poetry anthologies, to mini-zines that capture your holiday snaps, to art portfolio zines, to cut and paste journal-style zines, and so much more! We are super excited to bring all of your zine dreams to life!

Pricing Guide

Fully designed mini-zine from £70

8-20 page A5 or A6 zine from £120

24-40 page A5 or A6 zine from £200

40+ page A5 or A6 zine from £250

A4 zines start from £200


These prices include the master copies of each page as either individual page JPEGs or a full PDF. We can also handle the printing of your zines, with prices for mini-zines starting from just 50p each, and A6-A5 zines starting from just £1 each.


These prices reflect the design time required to curate your images, artwork, stories, poems, writing, etc. into a zine design. Artwork created for your zine will be priced at an additional cost to be discussed in your enquiry email.

Please note, these prices are just to give you an idea of our pricing structures, please email us with your zine idea for a more accurate quote.

Here are some examples of the commissions we have made so far…

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