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"I'm so grateful that this platform exists to envision and prefigure equitable ways of relating! The genuine and vulnerable nature of the contributions transgress the norms of self-restraint and subservience that are often forced onto marginalized folks writing about these topics. I feel like this platform creates a safer and more open community than I've seen elsewhere, and I highly recommend both reading and publishing here."

★★★★★ Peter Tarson


"What can I say? Chloe is a wonder. The Equality Activists of the Primary school employed Coin-Operated Press to do a round of workshops to create and print an anti-racist zine. From day one, the communication was tip top and Chloe was a dream to work with. The workshops were engaging this motivated the learners to create and use their voices in a creative way to look at what being an anti-racist person could look like. The children are absolutely buzzing about the final product and we are so proud of the work they have done. This would not have been possible without the dedication and backing of Coin-Operated Press. Each workshop was designed to provoke discussion in a different way. The final product is wonderful and has been shared far and wide. Thank you so much."

★★★★★ Natalie Quinn

"Great! The Sex Education project was fearless, instructive and amusing. It tackles a tricky subject in new and refreshing ways. The varied colours, illustrations, poems, stories and essays really keep the reader interested. The Gardening Issue was brilliant. It contained excellent advice and explanations delivered in a variety of ways! It would appeal to veteran gardeners and to beginners, nervous to make a start."

★★★★★ Sarah Das Gupta

"Was such a brillant experience to publish with them!! The process was streamline and professional! Was wonderful to have those extra eyes over my work to catch anything that would have been a misprint. Can’t wait to work with Chloe again!"

★★★★★ Rachel Mills

"Chloe and Kaya from COP were brilliant hosts and brought zine-making with an intersectional lens and complete appreciation for how to create the best kind of space for our community (LGBTQ+). I was so impressed by the beautiful caring ambiance and gentle hubbub that they created through calm and attentive facilitation. Highly recommend to any development workers or engagement teams looking to create a safer, inclusive space for zine-making."

★★★★★ Jules Stapleton Barnes, LGBT Health & Wellbeing


"We loved working with Coin-Operated Press to host a ‘Queer Climate Justice’ Zine-making day. The team were fantastic to work with, providing extensive resources and a brilliant zine template, as well as bringing tonnes of enthusiasm and creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for the attendees. We’ve already booked to work with them again for another creative workshop!"

★★★★★ Rob Reeve, Dynamic Earth


"Brilliant selections, beautifully laid out and designed, truly you deserve to take enormous pride in this amazing accomplishment one of the most gorgeous and interesting haiku collections I've encountered, bravo!"

★★★★★ Jerome Berglund

"Having been to a zine workshop facilitated by Katie and Chloe previously, I had high expectations for our event and Coin-operated Press rose to the occasion. All the administration from them was professionally dealt with, they were great at communicating with us, arrived promptly on the day and the feedback from their workshop was highly evaluated. I would definitely recommend Coin-Operated Press and look forward to working with them again in the future. A definite 5 out of 5!"

★★★★★ Sasha Callaghan, The Ripple


"Ya'll make awesome zines! I discovered you through Chloe's art insta and I love that I can see her style throughout all of your zines, and your insta as well tbh! Really cool graphics and art. I'm really looking forward to your dogs zine and can't wait to submit my art to that! My doggo is excited to be featured - hopefully!! - too!! Keep up the awesome work!!!"

★★★★★ Anonymous Zine-Maker


“My work was featured in the zine a few years ago. The team couldn't have been lovelier or easier to work with. Absolutely fab and super professional I always keep an eye out for the new theme to see when I can submit again!”

★★★★★ Katie McGroarty


“I came along to one of your workshops and really enjoyed myself! I had been feeling so low with the SADs this winter and you really helped me to feel a little more like myself while making zines - I can't wait to make more in the future!!”

★★★★★ Elizabeth Feelka

“I was so grateful for the stickers and note…Thank you for featuring me, feel all professional xx”

★★★★★ @kingofthedomain

“Just wanted to pop in an say, all the packages arrived and I couldn’t be more thankful. From the bottom of my heart, these zines are so cute! The care and effort in them even shows through the packaging. Huge thanks.”

★★★★★ @de_ziners

“The Coin-Operated Press’ “Festivals” anthology has arrived safely – thank you. I’m delighted to have the poem “Back To Grey On The Box” as created by my alter ego Alun Robert included in this quite splendid publication. I was impressed by the wide range and high quality of the contributions. Well done all. Included in my envelope was “How To Get The Most Out Of Art School”. Chloe has created an excellent booklet crammed full of common sense and solid advice. I hope it receives much wider readership. As an ex-pat of many years, I’m so encouraged (and proud) to witness my Motherland producing such a talented array of creative visual and written artists these days. Keep it up.”

★★★★★ Alun Roberts

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