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Zine-Making Parties

Are you looking for a unique party experience? Look no further!
You can book a zine-making party with Coin-Operated Press now!

Your party guests will learn how to make their own mini-zines which they will get to take away at the end!

We are based in Edinburgh and we can host parties all across Scotland.


Our zine-making parties are typically 2 hours but can be longer or as short as 1 hour depending on your requirements.

We charge £20 per participant with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 participants.

This price covers a 2-hour workshop in which we will travel to your location and provide all of the materials. For other requirements, please get in touch with us to provide an accurate quote.

We run zine-making for parties for adults and children. Please advise us of the age of your guests when booking so we can adapt the workshop materials and themes to suit. We ask that children under 13 have a few supervising adults in attendance for the party duration. 


All zine-making materials are provided by us. This includes paper, scissors, glue, Sharpies, washi tape, felt pens, coloured pencils, and a large selection of collage materials, but we also encourage participants to bring their own materials if they want to add a more personal touch to their zines!


We can work with you to choose a theme for the workshop based on your party, or we can leave the theme open for your guests to make whatever they want!


The structure of the workshop is as follows:

Set-up - we require access to the space to set up our equipment and familiarise ourselves with the space at least 30 minutes before the scheduled party start time.

Introduction - we introduce ourselves, go over any house rules, and we ask your guests for photo permission from all attendees - if they don't want their pictures to be taken/put on social media, that's absolutely fine. We are also happy to email you any photos we take after the party is over.


Demonstration - We will introduce the materials we have on offer and give a demo of how to fold a Mini-Zine. We provide a Mini-Zine for people to take home with them with printed instructions on how to do this folding technique. 


Time to create - most of the workshop time is given to attendees to create their Mini-Zine. We like to create a calm, safe, and accessible environment for people to be creative. We can give input and instruction where needed but this can also be a quiet time for people. We may play music during this time if people are happy for that. We also welcome you to provide refreshments to your guests, which can be set up on the table alongside the zine-making equipment.


Wrap-up - we like to give time for participants to share what they have made, and have space to discuss the creative process. There is no pressure to share if folks are not keen.


End of the workshop - it takes us a maximum of 30 minutes to pack down and clean up at the end of the workshop.


If you have any further questions and would like to enquire about a booking, please don't hesitate to get in touch! We are very open to making the party unique to you, and are happy to take on any requests or ideas you have to make your zine-making party even more fun! We can be contacted via

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