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Strategic Plan

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Coin-Operated Press CIC believes everybody can be creative - all you need are the right tools to have your voice heard in your own hand-made publication. 



To provide a creative outlet to LGBTQ+ and disabled communities. We centre zines at our core and use this creative methodology as a tool to promote mental health and wellbeing. We primarily focus on publishing queer creators, and we offer frequent zine-making workshops as part of our regular programming, to a broad range of communities across Scotland.  Our events are always curated with accessibility in mind. 



We are a queer-led company promoting DIY and small-press publishing. We do not discriminate against anyone, for any reason, including sex, gender, ethnicity, income, religion, age, and ability. We strive to offer a safe creative space for all, in as sustainable and environmentally-friendly a manner as possible. 


Our Plan

Coin-Operated Press CIC hosts workshops, runs zine-fairs, creates online educational content, and produces, publishes, and distributes monthly community-made zines. 


This Strategic Plan has been created by Business Manager and Founding Co-Director Katie McCann, with the intention of introducing Coin-Operated Press CIC as a professional, sustainable company; and with the aim of developing and maintaining a loyal audience.


We are particularly interested in engaging with the LGBT+ community, those with chronic-illnesses and disabilities, and low-income individuals. This will be established through our Safer Spaces Policy, which is accessed via our website, as well as the curation of on-and-offline activities such as monthly community-made  zines, and zine fairs and workshops held in accessible, inclusive spaces. 


Coin-Operated Press CIC plans to become more financially stable by generating regular Patreon subscriptions, grants and funding opportunities, and increasing our income via merchandise sales and events ticketing. 


Our sustainable efforts include recycling and upcycling of materials, using green modes of transport, and working with charities and organisations who operate on a green initiative. 


We are interested in broadening our community relations and gathering interest in our events, workshops, and online activities.We will do this by raising awareness of Coin-Operated Press CIC through online and offline communications. 


Our purpose is to promote creativity and provide alternative arts education for all.

About the Founders

Coin-Operated Press CIC is owned and operated by Directors Katie McCann and Chloe Henderson.


Katie McCann gained her Masters in Arts, Festival and Cultural Management from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, in 2018. She also has a BA (Hons) in English Literature with Creative Writing (2010, Aberystwyth, University of Wales). McCann has also worked as a teacher of English, and previously managed Leith Theatre, where they gained experience in volunteer coordinating, social media maintenance, fundraising, and project management. In addition to this, Katie McCann also established their own production company, ‘Aberlesquewyth’, in 2008, and has experience in bookings, financial management, marketing, and promotions. She has been involved extensively within all key areas of the creative industries.  

Chloe Henderson is a Scottish interdisciplinary artist. She graduated from the Birmingham School of Jewellery with a Master of Arts Degree with Distinction in Jewellery and Related Products.​ She previously trained as a jeweller at The Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee, and graduated with a Bachelors of Design Honours. Chloe Henderson has developed skills in zine-design, illustration, fine arts, photography, filmmaking, and jewellery. She has exhibited internationally, with roles in curation, social media management, and event production, as well as frequently participating as a stallholder in a variety of markets, festivals, and conventions.

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