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Image depicts Chloe Henderson and Katie McCann standing side by side behind their table of zines at Edinburgh Pride. There is pride flag bunting on the wall behind them, and a pink banner with the Coin-Operated Press logo. Chloe is wearing a rainbow pin-up dress with a red cardigan and has long straight red haird with a cropped fringe. Katie is wearing blue jeans, and a black t-shirt with the Coin-Operated Press logo, she has short blue hair and is wearing square glasses. Both Katie and Chloe have pride flag make-up smeared under their eyes.

Welcome to
Coin-Operated Press

A pink cog graphic.

Hey, zine fans! Coin-Operated Press CIC is a queer-led social enterprise run by Chloe Henderson & Katie McCann. We are based in Scotland, where we host workshops, run zine fairs, create online educational content, and produce, publish, and distribute collaborative zines. Browse the pages on our website to learn more about us...

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