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Meet The Team

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Co-Founder & Director

Chloe Henderson (she/her)

Favourite zine: ALL of the Coin-Operated Press zines of course! It's too hard for me to pick just one, but the Anxiety zine will always have a special place in my collection as the submissions really hit home, also Cats - I love cats!

Favourite zine-making supply: My laptop and a Sharpie!

Contact: You can follow all of my work at Coin-Operated Press via @CoinOpPress and you can see my personal work via @SeaSlugChloe on all the socials!

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About Chloe: Often colours in. Sometimes gets it inside the lines. I am an Edinburgh-based interdisciplinary artist inspired by the natural world, mythological creatures, faerytales, nerd culture, and the radical idea that humans should be kind to every living thing. My background is in jewellery design, and I gained my Masters from the Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2018. I now dabble in illustration, fine art, zine-making, and many other creative endeavours! In my spare time, I tame unicorns and swim with mermaids.

Why did you create Coin-Operated Press? I want to grow the zine community within Scotland by providing an international platform for creatives to share their unique voices in our collaborative zines. This has now expanded into workshops, fairs, and educational events where we get the pleasure of introducing the creative and therapeutic benefits of zine-making to as many people as possible!

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